Final Fantasy 6 Guidebook Extras

So I finally got the last of the 3 FF6 Japanese guidebooks recently and gonna try to scan and/or take photos of some of the beautiful artwork and screenshots in them. Included in 2 of them was some extra papers with additional stuff from Square, and something on Super Mario games(?). Included is info on cd soundtracks, books, guides, SMB(?), and something about that weird FF5 sequel anime with the wind crystal in the girl’s butt (I’m really not kidding.)

So decided to try the scanner on my printer and slowly been scanning these extra goodies. I scanned at 600dpi so very high quality, so may need to zoom in for more details.

Hopefully these won’t murder my free site storage so far. I may also upload these, and the later stuff, to my google photos and do a new link to said album in later post and revise this one (I think the google photos link of the scans may be more high quality too).

and here’s the google photos album link for these:
Google photos: information card scans

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Photo Batch: Nature Stuffs

Ok so I finished redoing the nature photos now! The 2019 flowers batch is ever growing through the year. Others are from snowstorms in my area, etc.

Next batch likely the other cons not Big Apple or NYCC, I only have 2 older Anime Nexts there and finishing the Pax East 2012 set.

2019 Flowers
March 2019 Snow Day
2016 Flowers
2016 Blizzard
Snowtober 2011
Hurricane Irene – Blackwell St, Dover NJ Flooding

Photo Batch: Big Apple Comic Con

So im redoing all my older and newer photo sets from recently and 10 years ago at various conventions, nature shots and so on. Im slowly reuploading them to google photos since i dont have the money now to do flickr like i wanted. So uploading them in batches: big apple comic con, nature shows, new york comic con, other, and other conventions. After they’re uploaded I’ll do a blog post with all the shared links. With NYCC being the largest and i think most i have to do with it, that one will be last.

Big Apple Comic Con is a long running comic show in NYC. It’s a lot smaller and strictly comics, unlike NYCC.

Photos taken with camera and Samsung Galaxy camera phone.

Big Apple Comic Con 2015-2019:
Big Apple Comic Con 2015
Big Apple Comic Con 2016
Big Apple Comic Con 2017
Big Apple Comic Con 2018
Big Apple Comic Con 2019

and here’s my collection of comics ive gotten signed through the years at various shows:
Signed Comics & Stuff