Hammer Mario Challenge Runs!


No Hammer, you can’t touch this either.


Hammer Mario is a lesson in frustration. It was discovered by Killgruz playing about with NES Game genie codes in Super Mario Bros 1. Basically, all enemies throw hammers. So besides the regular platforming in SMB 1, you need to constantly avoid enemies throwing hammers from nowhere. Even better, any enemies static in pots start moving around due to the game code being screwed up. Yay, more frustration! If you need more reasons to throw your controller, sometimes the hammers are hidden in the stages where the background is black. Oh and some fun RNG jank is in play navigating the pipe maze in 8-4. Just to warn ya. XD

If you want to add some fun to this, there’s also one to turn all enemies into Toad, and sometimes the Princess. Great if you have a hatred for fungus among us.


The Codes:
XYAGEP – Hammer time!
NULTKA – Toads!

…and because you may need it:
SXIOPO – Infinite lives

Killgruz blog

The amazing Hungrygoriya had done a video on the subject some months ago:

and she spent a night streaming to finish it under 5 hours!
Sweet victory against the fungus


So if you’re up for a challenge in SMB 1, check it out!