Still trying to finish games and see my rpg backlog! Boo-urns


Yup I have been Zidane, sorry about that.


So ive got 4 games at the endgame via emulating on my phone: Castlevania Aria of Sorrow, Legacy of the Wizard, Soul Blazer, and Y’s 3. With those, gonna concentrate on Y’s 3, cause i really hate that final boss, and soul blazer, and work my way to Aria of sorrow since after i finish it i wanna sit down for a bit with the hard and Julius modes. Still sucks im missing 1 soul and its one from a damn boss too.

Queded up more of less is me trying to get through the last bosses in Y’s 4, and deciding on starting Destiny of an Emperor, Crystalis and Faxanadu. Taking an Earthbound break.

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