Whatcha playing?

(Pic is not me, honest. XD)

So I havent posted for awhile, figured id update on what ive been playing via nes, snes and gba:

Finished Wizards & Warriors 1 recently and at the final bosses for River City Ransom and wizards & warriors 3. w&w1 was fun, though all those wacky jumps made it a chore at times! Rcr is fun! even grinding and beating people up for money is fun hearing them yell “BARF!” when defeated. W&W3 is average garbage, game had a lot of potential and lack of continues and passwords killed that..May finally try Faxanadu again, along with Willow, Destiny of an Emperor also. Finished those first 2 when i was doing emulation via my Dreamcast. Maybe restart Legacy of the Wizard and Ultima 4 too. And enjoying Adventure Island 2 somehow! Continue reading