2018, Zelda, and Stuff

So to close out 2018, it was a total Meteor dumpsterfire of a year. But I got back into retrogaming starting with GBA and snes. Managed to finish 6 games…one day ill write reviews of them:

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance
Metroid: Zero Mission
DBZ: Legacy of Goku 2
Zelda 2

Yes Zelda 2. I never finished this as a kid and always got stuck on the damn Thunderbird before Dark Link. Inspired by a fellow streamer I nailed through the game faster than I expected and finished it tonight to close out 2018.


Any Zelda games past the 2 n64 titles Ive never played seeing my last Nintendo system was the n64. So of earlier Zelda titles:
Zelda 1 (finished both quests, can even finish both with just the blue ring and/or white sword)
Zelda 2 (finished)
Link to the Past (finished)
Link’s Awakening (finished,may return to this)
Oracle of Ages/Seasons (haven’t played but want to)
Minish Cap (playing now)
Ocarina of Time (Finished, fu water temple)
Majora’s Mask (aka groundhog day the video game. Never quite got into it)

and been finding myself rediscovering Super Mario Bros 2. XD

and started catching up on my DC books, mostly the maxi series Heroes in Crisis and Doomsday Clock, and finished Tom King’s Mister Miracle run, highly recommended.

Also been inspired a lot by new friends and my new retro family on twitter, discord and fb. I’m hoping 2019 I can break my mental blocks and turn on my consoles and go back to my dreamcast, ps2 and other systems.



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