How I Retro

I do still have all my old systems, but only have my current hdtv. I normally hook up one at a time, or sometimes 2 depending on which wires are needed. Yeah the older stuff doesnt look at good as on a crt or rgb connectors, but I do what I can with my resources and older hdtv, that and switch box issues.

So Ive been doing emulation as well as buying games for years. Back in the 90’s 200s when emulation started I did what I was able to do on my current pc(s) at the time, going with keyboard controls. Worked best for rpgs. 🙂 Over time did more and got into MAME as well.

Discovered many fun games that were never released and eventually translated then brought over to more recent systems and apps: dragon quest 5 and 6, tales of phantasia, terrangima to name a few.  At one point got into gb and nes stuff on my Dreamcast. Finished a few games, only ones I could remember being ff adventure, metroid, metroid 2, faxanadu.

Will I get a nes or snes classic and get it modded or a rasberry pi? Sometime. Having mental blocks to keep from turning on a console and going from there is an issue for me. lol

Now I still do via pc, but got into it on my android phone. Mainly right now being gba and snes so i dont overwhelm myself. lol And they work great! I prefer phone then my tablet since i can hold phone in lengthwise. I have a Samsung Galaxy 7, so first 2 links are to Google Play store.

So for pc I usually use my keyboard, or one can get great controllers, or get an usb adapter for a ps2 controller! I also have a bluetooth controller for my phone for various games, hook phone into the top piece lengthwise and go to town! The gba and snes emualtors are free but with ads, cheap to buy! Following links are some of what I use:

USB to PS2 controller adapters
Beboncool Android Wireless Game Controller



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