Game collecting

So I have an atari 2600, nes, snes, sega cdx, n64, dreamcast, ps2 and ps3. Ive enjoyed video games most my life and never considered myself a collector until some years ago when i won a dreamcast in an online contest. Thats when the bug really hit. Ive always enjoyed adventure games and jprgs the most. Give me good gameplay and a good story and im hooked. Even with the boring grinding. XD

Edit 11/19: added Lunars, psx, ps2 and ps3 games. Oops.






1 thought on “Game collecting

  1. You have an absolutely wonderful collection. I know what you mean about being bitten by a collecting bug. Same thing happened to me when I picked up an amazing game lot a few years ago and I haven’t wanted to stop since.

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